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Top 10 Florida Tech Startups - 2022

Apart from being the fourth-largest economy in the US, Florida is garnering global attention owing to the massive number of startups that are budding in the state. With its diverse population, low-income tax, and tropical climate, the state is becoming the hotspot of tech startup investments. From crypto to NFT to ed-tech, Florida is witnessing the rise of tech startups across a myriad of verticals, addressing the various challenges the country’s business community is facing. The state is home to over sixteen thousand people from forty countries, becoming popular among business executives, investors, and entrepreneurs. Florida is also becoming a global startup hub centered around Latin America, witnessing a lineup of startups waiting to make the state their home base. Small businesses are a quintessential part of the state’s economy, accounting for 99.8% of all businesses and employing over 3.3 million people, 42% of whom are Floridians. With efforts from the state and US government, Florida is on route to becoming the new Silicon Valley in the upcoming decade, offering professionals an optimum mix of business opportunities and recreational activities.

To help organizations and leaders select the best-of-breed vendor companies, Startupcity’s distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and analysts have reviewed and shortlisted a handful of Floridian startups that are at the forefront of innovation and empowering the US’s business community to leverage contemporary technologies and stay abreast of the dynamic market scenarios. These vendors are selected based on the innovative and user-friendly solutions they are rendering to global enterprises, public sector entities, and end-consumers.

We present to you Startupcity’s “Top 10 Florida Tech Startups 2022.”

Top 10 Florida Tech Startups - 2022

    Top Florida Tech Startups

  • Intuizi is a leading data analytics firm that helps businesses find, understand, and act on huge volumes of mobile data at scale to drive optimal business results. The company was born from the passion of two entrepreneurs—Ron Donaire and Jeff Pescatello—to tap into enormous unused computational power and leverage that to disrupt the way businesses operate.Intuizi ingests pseudonymized data from numerous sources uses high-performance CPUs and GPUs to perform geospatial analytics and applies them to help businesses explore traditionally inaccessible data relationships.


  • A leading education platform, Lectera enables individuals to increase income and advance their career. Lectera created the concept of Fast Education in order to innovate quickly with new courses and adapt the existing ones to rapidly changing environments. With Fast Education, users can study the most useful material in the shortest amount of time and immediately apply their newly acquired skills in practice as each lesson lasts around 10-15 minutes each.


  • Vocodia is a next-generation conversational AI technology provider. The company revolutionizes the contact center operations with next-generation conversational AI technology called Digital Intelligent Sales Agent (DISA) -an advanced AI software that allows companies to automate and streamline contact center operations.


  • AdMobilize


    AdMobilize provide the DOOH, OOH, and Retail industries with the most complete software and hardware platform including: audience measurement, facial detection, vehicle detection, people counting, demographic analysis including age, gender, emotion, and dwell time, just to name a few. With over 150 clients in 85 countries, their clients have embraced the turnkey nature of the technology; the ability to yield rates; actionable business intelligence; serving of dynamic content; and real-time audience analytics dashboards. The team of 40 seasoned data science, computer vision, and hardware engineers have created highly scalable solutions equating to the Google analytics for the physical world



    EPICA is the AI company that gives companies unprecedented power for decision making by detecting patterns of behavior of audiences in real time. EPICA is a pioneering technology venture that gives companies unprecedented decision-making power. It analyses audience behaviour patterns in real time through large-scale big data. Their initiative integrates Sophia AI with Big Data and Automation to empower clients to reach their goals by managing personalized segmented audiences. The company is led by a group of visionary industry experts with experience in the creation and generation of smart products and marketing

  • HealthSnap


    .HealthSnap is an integrated Virtual Care Platform that helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes, reduce utilization, and diversify revenue streams. From chronic disease-agnostic Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to AI-guided care coordination, virtual care delivery, automated RPM billing, population analytics - and so much more - HealthSnap is the simplest way to manage chronic conditions remotely. Their HITRUST-certified HIPAA-complaint and interoperable solution ensures security reliability, and compliance to support care coordinate at scale. They specialize in Healthcare, Preventive Medicine, Integrative Wellness, Software, Lifestyle Medicine, Remote Patient Monitoring, Telemedicine, and Telehealth.

  • Magic Leap

    Magic Leap

    They are about to experience a new paradigm in computing. Wearable augmented reality (AR) and increased connectivity will usher in the dawn of a new era, where the digital world and the physical world become one. For technological explorers—we have a unique opportunity to redefine how we interact with the world around us. Magic Leap is creating a powerful augmented reality platform for enterprise. We deliver profound, positive impact for companies all over the world—helping them optimize workflows, improve productivity, and increase ROI

  • ShipMonk


    ShipMonk is the world's largest 3PL for high growth ecommerce and DTC brands. Since their inception in 2014, they have operated with a singular guiding principle: to help small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses scale by offering technology-driven fulfilment solutions that enable business founders to devote more time to the things that matter most in their businesses. In simple words, helps e-commerce companies stress less and grow more. To become the most innovative and trusted tech fulfilment provider with facilities & solutions around the globe, partnering with the fastest growing brands & helping them scale through best in class fulfilment & software

  • Tompkins Robotics

    Tompkins Robotics


  • Unybrands


    Vocodia is a next-generation conversational AI technology provider. The company revolutionizes the contact center operations with next-generation conversational AI technology called Digital Intelligent Sales Agent (DISA) -an advanced AI software that allows companies to automate and streamline contact center operations