Vocodia: Reimagining Contact Centers through Conversational AI

Brian Podolak, Principal, VocodiaBrian Podolak, Principal Brand or business value depends not just on the product or service an enterprise offers but also on the continued support it provides to consumers. Be it for providing technological solutions, offering a utilitarian service, or selling products that address various use cases, continued assistance and support services as pillars of reinforcement that bolster any business or enterprise in ensuring a prosperous relationship with clients and stakeholders. These objectives have been the guiding principles for contact centers as long as they have existed; in fact, the efficiency of contact centers can be simply quantified by measuring the number of happy customers under its umbrella. However, such efficiency is seldom attained easily. Contact centers have struggled in recent years due to staffing constraints, the lack of purpose-driven technological innovations, and, more recently, the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Industry leaders have voiced concerns about a ‘return to work reluctancy’ among the people, requiring the need to reimagine contact centers with the newer operating norms within the post-pandemic world. “Right now, we have several clients that are struggling to find employees, which invariably results in poor customer experiences, as these businesses simply do not have enough people to operate seamlessly,” begins Brian Podolak, Principal at Vocodia. Along similar lines, contact centers are required to scale up their staffing structure per the needs of the hour. Podolak learned about such hindrances firsthand when he worked at a contact center with around 600 agents. At the time, he was actively working on a campaign designed around customer retention. “Customers were calling in, complaining about a monthly charge on their credit card, and many our agents were getting burned out from these calls as they were pretty aggressive,” explains Podolak. Examples such as this have been one of the primary concerns for contact centers, resulting in employee turnovers; decision-makers had to consistently hire people to sustain the business and had to train new applicants as they arrived.

These inefficiencies led Podolak to automate a fair share of the inbound conversations by employing conversational AI to resolve queries. By pre-recording some of the redundant and recurring instances within a conversation, he guided callers to faster resolutions by enabling them to obtain shorter answers to queries. And thus, the cornerstone to Vocodia was laid. Today, his company revolutionizes contact center operations with a bespoke conversational AI technology dubbed Digital Intelligent Sales Agent (DISA), allowing companies to automate and streamline contact center operations
Digital Intelligence Powered by NLP

DISA helps companies eliminate the heavy lifting required for cold calling lead generation, while decision-makers could streamline transitional job roles, scale contact center operations as needed, and ultimately, provide valuable resolutions to consumers. With DISA, companies can drive sales, sign up customers, and propel promotions efficiently, all while reducing operational overheads and enhancing customer experiences. Additionally, the solution enables companies to reduce customer service costs significantly by minimizing redundancies such as redirecting customers to different departments, call loops and agent rotations, and more.

With conversational AI, DISA produces natural-sounding conversations with faster resolutions through natural/native language processes (NLP) technologies. These interactions are developed through an AI engine that consistently improves using a data set specific to contact centers. Podolak says that while most conversational AI systems are developed using conventional interactions, Vocodia’s solution ingests thousands of conversations from contact centers, drastically reducing latency concerns while engaging with customers. The solution stands light years apart from the conventional AI chatbots that are seldom crafted to resolve customer queries but are rather developed on a generic data set. This element of customization makes the resulting engagement more human-like. Reflecting on the life-like interactions driven by the solution, Podolak humorously says, “Sometimes, we have to let the customers know that they are talking to DISA because the conversations are that natural and human-like.” Quite recently, Vocodia presented a live demonstration of DISA to a panel of AI scientists, and as surprising as it would seem, the experts were convinced that they were interacting with an actual human being.
  • Sometimes, we have to let the Customers Know that they are Talking to disa because the Conversations are that Natural and Human-Like

A Purpose-Driven Solution

“Let’s say you went into a library searching for a book to make a margarita. What you would have in front of you is an ocean of books, and finding that one book could take forever,” adds Podolak. “What we provide is a bartender’s book. We know what our clients want, and we can find it with an average response time of 1/20 the blink of an eye (5 milliseconds).” Upon engaging with a client, DISA is fed with previous call recordings that the contact center would have had to train the AI model used for that particular business.
This approach speeds up the implementation time for clients, often reducing the interval to a time frame as short as 30 days, as opposed to some of the competitors requiring almost a full year for implementation. More importantly, conversations carried out by DISA, owing to the aforementioned training methodology, are customized to each interaction.

Alongside the realistic interactions generated by the solution, its adherence to compliance requirements is surely a noteworthy aspect of DISA. Owing to the vast information set that serves as the underlying foundation to DISA, conversations overseen by the solution are 100 percent compliant. And, as Podolak says, the solution always sticks to the script. While human being could lose sight and their temperament in heated exchanges with an angry customer, DISA is designed specifically to solve the queries posed by customers, and as a result, steers clear of any conflict.

Vocodia acknowledges that customers in the current day and age refrain from using a single communication channel. Instead, they prefer engaging with contact centers across many communication modes, such as text or social media. Consider a customer opting for a health insurance policy; as they file the application for one, it is customary for the insurance representative to call the applicant for confirmation or assistance. If and when the contact center agent from the respective insurance provider calls the applicant, they are more likely to ignore the phone call, as they would be unaware of who is calling them. Vocodia recently released a new feature within its solution that sends the applicant a message to schedule the followup call based on their convenience. This text reminder contextualizes the interactions for applicants, helping them obtain efficient and timely resolutions to their queries.

We Know what our Clients want, and we can find It with an Average Response Time of 1/20 the blink of an eye

This feature-packed product suite is also offered to customers in a riskfree agreement, wherein they need to accept the product before purchasing it fully. In essence, customers are allowed the complete freedom to onboard the product and test comprehensively, all the while canceling at any point in time. It broadens clients’ sense of scalability, as opposed to the inadequate employee retention posture of the yesteryears.

DISA collects multiple boxes for contact centers, enhancing its overall operational efficiency without incurring significant financial overheads during implementation or sustained operation. On the engagement side, it allows clients to seek faster resolutions in minimal time; and on the operational side, it eliminates redundancies and streamlines the overall management of the contact center. Such a solution proves invaluable in the current day and age, where people are hesitant to return to work, demanding remote working avenues from their employers. Vocodia’s DISA offering enables clients to circumvent these hurdles with unmatched communication channels, empowering contact centers to continue to uphold the brand value they represent.
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Brian Podolak, Principal

Vocodia is a next-generation conversational AI technology provider. The company revolutionizes the contact center operations with next-generation conversational AI technology called Digital Intelligent Sales Agent (DISA) -an advanced AI software that allows companies to automate and streamline contact center operations.